Engine Diagnostics

Our computerized engine diagnostics tests for all problems even those you cannot smell, feel or hear.

Solving problems when they are small, saves you big money later down the road.

Fuel System Maintenance

Advanced Auto utilizes Motorvac's Carbon Clean technology to clean your car's fuel system working at top efficiency to save you money every driving day.

Transmission Service

Another reason Advanced Auto is above the rest is our use of Motorvac Trans Tech equipment to completely flush your system replacing ALL the transmission oil in addition to filter & gasket replacement.

Cooling System Service

Cooling system maintenance is important to maintain optimal levels and therefore adequate protection to prevent corrosion, overheating & freezing

Oil and Filter Change Service

  • Every 3,000 Miles
  • Checking of Belts and Hoses
  • Checking of All Fluid Levels
  • Inspect Air Filtration
  • Lubrication When Necessary